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We encourage each region to develop a WWBYS-affiliated club and hold WWBYS regular-season tournaments and 1 Regional Championship for the 2023 season. This will allow each region to grow and develop for the next Youth West Coast Championship.


The next YWCC will be held in 2024 or 2025 depending upon the number of clubs/members.

If you would like to start a WWBYS club in your area contact us for more information.


Opens and Championship Changes!


The board has decided to focus on maximizing the funds for the youth anglers this year. Instead of holding multiple open events and a centralized championship, we will award scholarship funds by region. The three regions will include Northern California, Southern California, and Arizona.

The new format will have multiple positive impacts:

  • Allow for localized club development to give the kids more access to local youth-angling events.

  • Maximize the sponsorship funds for 529 scholarships for kids in each region.

  • Limit the cost for parents and teams to travel to multiple destinations while fuel prices are high.

Wild West Bass Youth Series will still be here to provide:

  • Club Startup information can be provided via email request.

  • Assist with Rules and Product support questions.

  • The insurance for events if all participants are Wild West Bass Youth Series Members.

  • Promotions for local clubs and youth anglers on the Wild West Bass Youth Series Page.  


Requirements to have scholarship funds awarded:

  • All participants must be members of the Wild West Bass Youth Series.

  • Send a roster of the youth anglers in your club, including their Region, Name, Age, Grade, and WWBYS Member Number before the first event.

  • Members can be added throughout the season. Please send us an update on the new anglers as they register.

    • We prefer to have the clubs follow the Wild West Bass Youth Series Rule sets, but we will allow the clubs to modify for their specific needs.

  • Hold a minimum of two regular season events.

  • Hold one Regional Championship, which will include all clubs within that Region.  Whoever hosts the Wild West Bass Youth Series Championship for the region will need to provide Wild West Bass Youth Series the results of the tournament.  

  • Wild West Bass Trail will also support the Youth Series with a Scholarship per region.

  • Each club can seek regional sponsors for their events, and those funds shall be utilized within that region.

  • If additional sponsors provide products or funds to the Wild West Bass Youth Series, they will be distributed amongst the regions.


***The website is currently under construction to incorporate this information and provide a Club Set Up Tab with more information. ***

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